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Treatment Plan for Toenail Fungus

Comprehensive approach to treating fungal infection of the nail: debridement, laser, medication and prevention.

It is a well established fact in the medical community that no monotherapies (oral medication, topical creams, home anti-fungal remedies) can cure onychomycosis (nail fungus). If you have battled with fungus for more than a few months, you know it well yourself. Onychomycosis is very difficult and sometimes impossible to treat, and therapy is long-term, time consuming, frustrating, and often with side effects. A comprehensive, all-inclusive treatment protocol is required for successful curative results.That's what Nail'n'Toe is all about!

1. Nail Debridement

Get your nails done! By a medical professional.

Nail debridement is a medical term for clipping and grinding of the nail. It involves the removal , shortening and thinning of misshapen and brittle nail material from mycotic and dystrophic nail plates. A medical professional uses special nippers, clippers and grinders to debride nails. We don't removal the whole nail! We just reduce the thickness.

If your nails look horrible, they will look much better after this part of the treatment session is completed. Debridement also allows for a better laser beam penetration into the nail bed.

2. Laser Treatment

Laser uses extreme light and heat to kill fungal spores.

Laser is the only tool that can get through the nail and target the cause of the disease - dermatophytes in the nail bed, the skin under the nail plate.

Nails are made of hardened skin. Their purpose is to protect our toes and fingers loaded with nerves and sensory mechanisms that help us touch and identify objects, as well as perform various tasks. Anti-fungal creams work fairly well on skin fungus (Athlete's foot, ringworms, jock itch), but the active drug cannot get under the nail plate and inside the nail bed. That's why none of the fungus home remedies, OTC creams and even prescription ointments cannot cure fungus.

Nails are translucent and a specially designed laser can emit the beam that will go through the nail plate and selectively heat the targeted tissue in order to destroy dermatophytes and fungal spores in the nail bed. Contemporary medicine cannot offer any other alternative to match the results that can be achieved with the laser treatment of onychomycosis.

3. Powerful Topical Medication

Highly concentrated to cure fungus after laser treatment and prevent re-infection.

We apply specially designed compounded topical solution to your nails during the third stage of the treatment session. You will need to apply the medication twice a day for the duration of your treatment course.

This medication will help eliminate fungus in the surrounding tissues and prevent re-infection.

4. Household Decontamination and Prevention

Get rid of fungus at home and keep it away to prevent reinfections. Sanitization to remove fungus from household surfaces

We will provide you with information on how to sanitize your home and inhibit the spread of fungal spores. We will also give you reading materials that will help your improve personal hygiene and adopt good foot care practices, which will allow you to prevent fungal infections.

This is an important part of your treatment plan. Our provider office will make sure that your toenails will be fungus-free when the therapy is completed. But only you can be responsible for the prevention. Take it seriously and you'll get your nails back and protect them from fungus attacks.

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