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Doctor Recommended Products for Toenail Fungus

UV shoe sanitizer, anti-fungal socks and personal hygiene items for onychomycosis patients

We carry a limited number of products, but we highly recommend them. At the very minimum all patients should have a UV shoe sanitizer, a few pairs of socks and a bottle of liquid soap.

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UV Shoe Sanitizer

Will kill 99.9% of fungus and remove odor from your shoes. UV shoe sanitizer

If you are serious about getting rid of fungus - get rid of all of your shoes! If you can't do it - get yourself a shoe sanitizer!

Your shoes are full of fungus. In fact the spores residing in your shoes help the fungus spread from one toe to the others. Rubberized surfaces can be sanitized with bleach solutions and sprays. But bleach will ruin leather shoes! Even if you get a completely new set of shoes, there is no guarantee that you will not reinfect them since fungus is present in your environment.

Therefore the only sure way to keep your shoes fungus-free is to use the UV shoe sanitizer.More info and "Order Now"

Anti-fungal Socks

Must have items for all patients suffering from toe nail fungal infections Anti-fungal socks

These sock are not your regular crew socks. The fabric is made with special fibers that create an excellent antifungal protection for your feet.

They are also very nicely designed, very comfortable for regular use or any sports. Very durable.

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Anti-fungal Liquid Soap

Tea tree oil based and formulated for specific needs of people with mycotic feet. Soap for fungal feet

FungaSoapĀ® cleansing wash is the best soap/shampoo for athlete's foot and toenail fungus. It will also help refreshes the skin on your feet.

Helps soothe itchy, dry and inflamed skin, cleans and deodorizes, reduces odor, helps prevent fungus and bacteria related infections and recurrence.

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For all these and other antifungal products:

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