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  • Nasty Toenails and Fungus
    Onychomycosis, pseudomonas and cancer of the nail bed

    Do your toes look like any of those pictured above? Most likely you have one of these:

      - Toenail fungal infection (very common)
      - Pseudomonal toe web infection (quite common)
      - Nail bed cancer (uncommon)

    What may have started as an eye sore is actually a disease that will deform your toe nails and may spread to others around you. See a doctor ASAP!

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  • How You Got Nail Fungus
    Nasty, yellow, dry toenails?
    Get rid of nasty fungus under nails

    Fungi are everywhere in human environment. Some of them, namely dermatophytes, thrive on human bodies. About 20% of people are more susceptible to fungal infections than the others. How did you get them? More importantly, how to get rid of them?

    Yellow nails will get worse. Some species of dermatophytes are very aggressive and capable of damaging the root of the nail within a few months. You may never be able to grow a new nail.

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Welcome to Fungus-Free World

Nail'n'Toe is an advanced medical protocol used by foot doctors (podiatrists), dermatologists and other medical professionals to treat toenail fungus (onychomycosis). The therapy combines regular nail debridements (trimming and filing), laser treatments, and medication (topical and sometimes oral), and preventive regimen into a synergistic 12 week antifungal treatment program that is SAFE, PAIN-FREE and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.

None of the traditional monotherapies, such as oral meds, topical creams, natural antifungal cures and home remedies, and even a one-time-one-nail zap with a foot laser can come close to Nail'n'Toe comprehensive approach, clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction with curative results.

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About Nail'n'Toe

Nail'n'Toe is a laser assisted antifungal treatment protocol, which was designed and tested by a group of laser dermatologists and podiatrists from Florida and New York. We started in August 2009 and perfected the protocol by January 2011. We did about 2,500 successful cases between August 2009-August 2011.

Nail'n'Toe is now a nationwide network of medical care providers trained and certified in Nail'n'Toe proprietary treatment protocol. We treat nasty yellow nails on toes and fingers. Don't waste time and money on home remedies and OTC fungal creams - call (877) 927-3864 to get professional medical care.

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